Thursday, September 29, 2011



David... love your Sammy-dog and Radar and Kitty. always want Radar to sleep with his head on one of your pillows in your bed. are a little super star and the quarterback of the Chelsea K/1 Hornets!
...your best buddies are in "The Group".
...your favorite restaurant is Pablos. love all of my girlfriends and have decided you want to marry each of them at different points in your little life so far. love to go camping. made the 6 year old All Star team this year and played first base.
...your favorite toy is any kind of gun, especially Nerf guns. got your first love note this year and you tell me your girlfriend is a girl who cheers for your football team, named Taylor Wise. She is also in your first grade class. are really good at riding your bike and always wear your helmet, even though you don't want to. are quite the band wagon fan and don't stick with one team from year to year (except Samford and the Gators). I wonder who you will cheer for this year? Auburn or Alabama. love green monster smoothies. like playing football and baseball, but your favorite sport is basketball. have a very sensitive heart and have a lot of compassion for people and animals. know more about football than I ever have and love to watch it on TV. got your first cavity this year. wear size 3 shoes. still don't watch much TV, but you like to watch Americas Funniest Home Videos with me...we both like to watch people fall, and then laugh at them. A lot. love to play board games, especially The Game of Life (thanks, Cara). are very healthy and have only been sick three times in your entire life. are a math whiz and love to read. have Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Watts for first grade and they are awesome. have 34 classmates in your first grade class. like to help me bake. have started rolling your eyes and sighing at us when we ask you to do something that you don't want to do. like me to snuggle-bug you at night. love to eat my crepes for breakfast and that makes me so happy. love to play in the sprinkler and help us wash the trucks. remind me to me recycle.
...your favorite songs are "All I do is Win" and "Firework". like the dance around the house in your boxers. have developed a little attitude this year and show your hiney when you get mad. took good care of me when I had a couple surgeries this year. always leave your socks all over the house. of your favorite activities is jumping on our trampoline. go to the Y after school and the counselors adore. are too old for the pumpkin patch and don't want to go this year. :( like to build things with Legos.
...your favorite fruit is strawberries.
...your favorite teams are the Celtics, the Heat and the Gators. Your favorite pro players are Lebron James, Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton. like to dive into our bed from the bed post. get annoyed with me taking pictures of you, but I can normally bribe you. like anything remote control. are funny and make me laugh all the time.
...when I take pictures with my iphone you always ask if I'm going to put it on facebook. have recently become independent more than ever before. This makes me sad and happy all at the same time. tell us you want to go to Samford University. like for me to rub your back and you always return the favor.
...I embarrass you when you are around your friends, but you still like to snuggle with me. are my heart.

I love this boy.

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katie F said...

Bethany this is one of the sweetest ideas! I started reading it and got teary eyed!