Thursday, April 14, 2011

Legos and noses - they don't go together

Early this morning around 2:30 am David ended up in my bed saying that his nose hurt really bad. I was still half asleep so I just pulled him into the bed and tried to console him by rubbing his head and snuggling with him. That didn’t work. He just sat there and started crying – he said it hurt him a lot…..but I’m sure he was really scared too – he kept asking me if he was going to die. Bless his heart. I kept asking him to just blow his nose and maybe whatever it was would come out (TMI Alert: I just thought it was an extra large booger). Finally, after about 30 minutes of him crying and me not being sure what to do (way to go, mom!) – he pulled out a Lego from his nose. Seriously. It was a small Lego – like the kind used as a light on top of a car or plane – but still – it was a LEGO. I asked him where the Lego came from. He said “I don’t know”. I assured him that he was not going to get in trouble, but that he needed to be honest and tell me the truth. He said that it happened at the YMCA after school. I never got around to asking him why the heck he put a Lego in his nose. We’ll cover that tonight. But he does now know how serious it could have been if the Lego didn’t come out (the whole time he was thinking he might die). I think he learned his lesson. At 3:00 am we both rolled over and snuggled back to sleep. I was so thankful that Lego was on my night stand and no longer up his nose.

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