Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I may not have mentioned this before, but Brad is head coaching David's baseball team - the 5 and 6 year old Chelsea Giants.


We have quite a few kids who have never played baseball before and some who have played for a couple of years. We've got a pretty good mix of capabilities. I've come to learn the following over the past 5 weeks:

We have the BEST kids in the league.

We have the BEST parents in the league, they seriously are all so great.

We have the BEST coaches in the league (especially the head - I'm not biased).

We have some of the funniest kids, too!

I've had fun watching these kids learn to hit the ball, field the ball and throw the ball. They've improved so much since mid March.

Chelsea breaks the baseball season into two halves. The first season ended this week and due to our record (6-2) we made it to the playoffs. We played Monday night and beat the #3 team. In this game David caught a pop fly and had an unassisted triple play. Go big D!

Then last night we played the #4 team (who beat the #1 team) and we beat them. So....that makes us:



Now we have one more half to play. But we have sealed in a spot in the very last game of the season (between the two half champs). Can't wait!



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