Thursday, March 10, 2011

David Da Vinci

Tonight at school was the Fine Art Festival. The older kids put together a play of sorts and some others played instruments. Then all the other students had a piece of art displayed around the school.

David was very proud to walk me around school and remind me where each of his teachers are (art, computer, library and music). Then he showed me his art.

His favorite teacher (other than his kindergarten teacher) is Mr. Cecil - the art teacher. He seems like a fun person and his room was so cool....very comfortable and homey feeling. It even smelled good and he had jazz music playing. Awesome. My elementary school art teacher certainly wasn't like that.

I'd love to know how he went about creating his art. I wonder if they copied something or if they followed instructions from Mr. Cecil. All I know is I LOVE it and he was so excited to show me his art. He's a great little artist. Don't you think?

{This WILL get framed and hung somewhere in our house.}


Capable Girl said...

You have a budding artist on your hands for sure! I love it. When David starts selling prints, let me know! I'm in!

Rachel said...

I love it!! That's the exact kind of art I love - shapes, designs, and bright colors. Great job, David!

Katie said...

So sweet! That will look great framed and hanging around the house :)

ps. you should join my blog swap...I would love to see what spring loveliness you're enjoying!

Apron Senorita said...

Awesome Artist!!! Looks like an etsy winner.

New Follower,
Yoli :)

meme-and-he said...

Such a cute picture!! I am sure you will keep this forever.

in response to your question about the latvian recipe on my blog: the people I learned it from just guessed the measurement...which is so not me either!! I usually look up a crepe recipe online and then just add the extra stuff.

love your blog!