Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving - Part II

We spent 6 days over Thanksgiving at a great RV park in Georgia, called Pine Mountain - An RVC Outdoor Destination.

This was our 2nd annual trip there. We went last year with Brad's family and this year my mom and Clint also joined in on the fun. They just purchased a 5th wheel and this was their first trip in it.

We had a great time.

This is where we ate many of our meals...

The campground provides a Thanksgiving lunch for all of the campers - and everyone brings sides. It's nice having lunch prepared for us - and all we had to bring was one side. We plan to making this a yearly thing.

This is Rich and Leslee....they are so hard to or both of them normally acts like a goober in every picture. But this one is a good one!

We went to Wild Safari and saw lots of very cool animals and were able to feed them from the van we rented.

David was not brave at first, but when he realized the animals wouldn't bite he began getting a little more willing to feed them the food - rather than chuck it at their faces or down their throats. :)

This is something we saw a LOT of.....ewww.

Herrington Family shot - we haven't had one of these in 2 years -

Our little family -

We went to Callaway Gardens one afternoon to walk around. We arrived about an hour before they were closing so we only got to go to the Butterfly Exhibit and the gardens. The Butterfly Exhibit is a neat thing to see, but there must not be a ton of butterfly's in November....we saw some, but not a lot.

David did get to hold one that my mom got to land on this orange.

We also made it to the vegetable garden, which is my favorite. We've seen it twice - around Thanksgiving...I'd love to go back during the summer to see what the summer crops look like. I heard that you can buy the surplus from the garden. That might be a good camping trip for us next summer.

And finally, we went to the Callaway Gardens Christmas light display. We went last year and decided to go again this year. It takes about 45 minutes to drive through and you see lots of lights. I mean LOTS. Our favorite was the 12 Day of Christmas....which I am currently teaching David the words to!

Olivia really loves getting her picture taken.

David? Not so much. I have very few pictures of him from the weekend. :(

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