Thursday, August 5, 2010

The alphabet, by David

One afternoon while jumping on the trampoline I asked David to make a letter T with his body. This is what he came up with. Easy enough, you say? Well, check out the rest - he gets a bit creative.
The letter P.
The letter O.
The letter M. One of my favorites.
The letter A. Another favorite.
The letter K.
The letter V. Take one.
The letter V. Take two.
And my very favorite....the letter I. See it? It's actually a lower case i. He made sure I was aware of this.
I think he's officially ready for kindergarten now. Which, by the way, he starts next Thursday - August 12th.


Mickey said...

I see a theatre major in your future! Love it! He is a cool kid!

Allison Gray said...

What a creative cutie!

al said...

awesome. I love the A