Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rickwood Caverns

We went camping over the long 4th of July weekend to Rickwood Caverns State Park. It has a very small and quaint campground (with only 13 sites), a decent playground, a hiking trail, a huge pool (which unfortunately we had to pay to enter, but we still did), and a cavern with guided tours. We will definitely go back to Rickwood Caverns. I'm not sure we'll do the cavern tour each time we go...but the campground is what would draw us back.

It just so happened to be the Chelsea 6U All Star tournament in Cullman the same weekend we were at Rickwood Caverns. The ballfield was about 20 miles from the campsite, so we decided to go to the ball field to watch two of David's friends play. We had so much fun watching them Friday night that we went back for the Saturday and Sunday games.

Saturday we went to the local Stuckey's Gas Station to watch fireworks. Seriously. I felt like the biggest redneck. Ever. However, the fireworks were put on by the local fire fighters....and it was one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen. We were impressed!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Brad grilled beef tenderloin (which is actually our staple camping meal) and corn on the cob over the campfire grill.
Due to the site we had this time we were parked pretty close to the tree in the middle of this picture so we didn't get to open the awning the entire weekend.
Putting the boy to work...of course he has to earn his keep. We let him sweep off the table at home just like this too. But he has to watch out for the chandelier.

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