Monday, June 7, 2010

Mesa Verde

We went to Mesa Verda on Sunday (5/30), which is located in Southwest Colorado (in Cortez). It's huge - over 50,000 acre National Park that has lots of cliff dwellings. It's super cool. Everything was really old....and when I say really old - I don't know exactly how old that is...guess I wasn't paying attention to the entire tour....but trust me - it was old. It was neat seeing how people lived so many years ago. The picture above looks fake to me, but I promise this a real place....I was there. I stood on some of the dwellings and even went inside a kiva (a big underground hole used for ceremonial purposes).

See those people below? We went on the tour that took us directly into the cliff dwellings...and those ladders on the right? Yep - we climbed those. Brad noticed that they weren't even connected to the walls....they were simply leaning up againt some 1000 year old dwellings.
Brad isn't a fan of heights (and even more so ladders). The path going to the cliff dwelling was rough...small areas to squeeze between....skinny stairs (the guide was sure to mention that these stairs were not OSHA approved)....uneven stairs and lots of ladders. The worse part was that at the very end we had 4 ladders to climb (not the ones pictured above) but they were one right after another...and most of them were crooked, leaning in between a couple large bolders with less than 24" width between those bolders. It was crazy!

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