Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've been a bad blogger here is January in a nut shell.

It's been cold. The end.

Well, really, we've been to a bunch of Samford basketball games. We've won some and we've lost some.

David is playing basketball at the YMCA. He has practices once a week at night and games on Saturday. He's doing pretty well and has scored at each game he's played. Sadly the season is almost over, but he has baseball evaluations next weekend and baseball season will be here pretty soon.

Radar has only run away twice this month and that's a major record.

Radar has gained probably 10 pounds since we don't let him play outside at all. Ever. Because he always runs away (see above). So I'm hoping to start taking him for walks some mornings. We both need to lose some weight.

We've discovered the awesomeness of our neighbors (who either return Radar to our front door because they know where he lives....or call me and hold onto him until I come pick him up).

I started Scale Back Alabama and am on a team of 3 other people in my department. We have 2 teams in Risk Management and we all are trying to fatten the other team we'll win. Talk about some serious interdepartmental challenges.

Work has been extremely stressful and busy.

I've started cooking new recipes a lot lately and plenty of favorites. I enjoy cooking and am trying to make more time to do it. Brad and I are committed to eating at home to eat healthier and save money. And I'm proud to say that we've saved tons of money already in January by eating at home and taking lunches to work.

We are planning our first big vacation (like flying somewhere and renting a car and the whole 9 yards). It's still 4 months away, but we are getting very excited about it...and I'll get to see one of my oldest and closest friends, Angie, who I haven't seen in almost 4 years.

American Idol has started.

Biggest Loser has started.

Project Runway has started. A friend of mine from high school is ON THE SHOW. Go Ben (Chmura).

I am a reality show junkie (can you tell?). Actually my favorite show of all time is Modern Family. It's hilarious and a 30 minute sit-com. Oh, how I have missed the beloved sit-com. With our DVR we can watch it in about 20 minutes. Nothing beats that.

Brad's dad and brother came up one weekend. Rich bought a dirt bike north of Birmingham and they spent the weekend with us when they drove up to pick it up.

We are getting ready to begin the planning process of wanting to get our house on the market.

I've been sewing some. Mainly making ribbon blankets as baby gifts. I wish I had more time to sew.

We were supposed to get snow. Like 2-3 inches. The city shut down. Know how much we got? Zero. Nothing. Nada. But our lake did freeze.

Well, that's the January scoop with us.

This is probably the most boring post. Ever. Sorry about that. At least I'll never forget about January 2010...because I can come right here and read about it.

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