Sunday, November 15, 2009

My child, the president, who is interested in anatomy

Tonight David said "I'm Joe Biden".

Brad said - "Oh, no you are not."

David said - "Okay, then I'm Barack Obama."

Uh, why couldn't he choose to be Abraham Lincoln (since he and I do share a birthday, ya know?).


At dinner David opened his mouth wide (thankfully it was empty and not full of queso and chips) and said "Look I have two holes in my mouth". He then proceeded to tell us that food went down one hole and drinks went down the other. I know I don't remember much from my 9th grade anatomy class....other than how cool it was to dissect a pregnant cat and how awful it smelled...but I do know that he's not exactly right.

So I told him that he does have two holes (so I may not remember the anatomy terminology) but that one hole is used for food and drinks and the other hole is used to breathe. So then he took a bite and then asked which side the food was going down - the left or the right? He proceeded to point from left to right over and over again trying to make us tell him which side his food goes down. Finally Brad said left or right (I can't remember which) and David seemed happy with that answer.

This was one of those times that I wish we had a video record his utter cuteness

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