Saturday, November 7, 2009

A 6 mile run and a visit to the ER

This morning started out by me waking up at 6 a.m. to get up and ready to run a local 10k (the Vulcan Run - Birmingham's longest running 10k). I picked up my friend, Cara, and we got to downtown early enough to basically freeze. We both wore shorts and t-shirts because we knew as the race went on we'd get hot, but to start it was a bit chilly. We took our Team Vulcan picture and stood around for a while waiting for the race to start. Other folks were actually running BEFORE the race. Seriously? Why would you waste any energy before the race? Seems like a waste to me. Of course they were warm while I was freezing.

Since I haven't been able to train (due to a continual problem from two recent surgeries) I thought I'd have to walk the entire race, however, I ran a good bit. I ran S.L.O.W. but ran nonetheless. I was pretty sure Cara would take off and leave me in the dust, but between her shin pain and my slow running we stuck together for most of the race. I think she finished about 20 seconds before me. I'm not sure about my time, but I finished in around 1:30. That's 15 minutes per mile (which sucks) but at least I did it!

I came home with just enough time to shower and head out to a birthday party. On the way to the party Brad was doubled over in extreme pain. He has a pretty high pain tolerance so I knew something was really wrong. Thankfully, a friend of ours was also going to the I asked her if David could stay with her and if I could pick him up from her house later in the day. She didn't hesistate (thankfully)!

I asked Brad which ER to take him to and he said "I don't care". Uh, really? I didn't know the area. At all. So luckily KC told me that the closest one was about 15 miles away. I drove 100 miles an hour down the interstate rushing to get him to the ER. Shhhh, don't tell.

We got to the ER and the security guard checked him in. This guy was slower than Christmas and immediately tried to diagnose Brad's symptoms. I was so irritated with him. But after waiting about 10 minutes they called him back and the ER staff was wonderful. Shout out to Shelby County ER. I was pleasantly surprised by everything (once we got passed the darn security guard).

They almost immediately started an IV of morphine, antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine (after trying 3 times to get the IV in his hand) and within 5-10 minutes he began to get a bit of relief. A cat scan proved that Brad has a kidney stone. He has had one before...about 8 years ago...but the last one felt much different to that's why we were so worried about this unusual pain. The stone moved it's way along the 'path' and he should pass it soon (less than a few days, hopefully).

Brad is now laying on the couch relaxing. He's on some pain meds to help with the pain and it seems to be working.

KC called me this afternoon and offered to let David spend the night with them. I hesitated, but then took her up on the give both Brad and I a night to relax and recoup (me from my 6 mile race and him from his kidney stone pain). I KNOW my 6 miles don't compare, but I am awfully sore. Poor Bethany.

It's definitely been an interesting day...and now I need to finish this post so I can go take care of my sweet Brad.

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Rachel said...

Wow! Poor guy! Congrats on the race, though!

Hope everything passes soon!!!