Sunday, October 25, 2009

Field Trip

I was looking through some old pictures and ran across these. Emily and I took a field trip one day (on our lunch break) to this old creepy abandoned building in Irondale. These pictures are from that field trip. We had done some researching and couldn’t ever figure out what this building was, but Brad recently heard that it used to be a very nice country club that closed down after someone drowned in the pool many years ago. Who knows if it’s true or not.

While it was creepy it was kind of neat looking around. We saw the pool (which appears to have a path straight though the cat tails for some rather large animal that enjoys going for a dip), the grand staircase, the locker room, bathrooms and lots of small rooms (meeting rooms possibly). Each room was completely dark in the basement area so lots of these pictures were taken without us actually knowing what we were taking pictures of. One picture especially below kinda freaked me out (you’ll see a chair in a corner and my imagination went crazy and thought there was someone down there sitting in it).

It would be really neat to one day find out the true history of this place.

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Emily Davis said...

Aww that was fun! and creep all at the same time. What good memories! I do miss being your lunch buddy to do stuff like this!