Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Davidisms

When he doesn't want to go to sleep this is the recent excuse: "God's not making me yawn, so I can't sleep".

"My ear hurts....it feels like there are mashed potatoes inside".

At dinner tonight we were talking about where things come from. Brad was explaining that apple juice came from apples and grape juice came from grapes. When he asked David where orange juice came from David said "the store".

And finally, we were talking about where milk comes from - he immediately said cows. Brad said "where else?" hoping he would say goats (since we had talked about it a few days before)....instead he said "people". Well, technically, yes. But we aren't ready for that conversation just yet.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

The excuses they come up with are SOO amazingly creative!!

Ali has figured out that being charming, loving, snuggly, and cute are the best defenses to bedtime.

And I have to say, it works! :)