Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art Project

Can I brag on David today??? Here are a couple of pictures of what we did this afternoon.

Kitty is sitting on the canvas that would soon become a masterpiece. I had to put him in the garage so he didn't walk all over the canvas during the construction of it.
The artist begins his work.
Check out that concentration.
Please excuse the scuffed up knee (a bicycle accident) and the dirty band aid residue left over.
The finished project. Isn't it awesome? I'm so proud of him. I outlined, lightly in pencil, the house and car (just the outline). David free-handed the windows in the car, decoration on the roof (not sure what it is!), the tree, grass, sun and cloud. My favorite part of all is how he made the lights shine from the head lights and tail lights of the car. Adorable.

He's such a good little artist.

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CaraLynn13 said... much for showing naked baby photos and photos of him in his undies to his dates one day b/c you posted them on the INTERNET!! Ha ha!

He is, however, an excellent artist!!