Saturday, April 25, 2009


....we've been busy.

T-ball games, t-ball practices, sneezing, playing outside every night (the weather is amazing), going to the zoo, sneezing, getting ready for our big camping trip, getting our house ready to put on the market (big maybe), working in the yard, sneezing, eating out too much (because of the busy-ness), planting our seedlings in the garden, and the other normal just keeping up with life and friends stuff.

Did I mention we've been doing lots of sneezing? Me, especially. We were actually visiting with friends today and I just said "We have to leave NOW before my head explodes". This perscription stuff I'm on isn't cutting it.

Oh well, spring will be over in a few months. Then it will be onto fall - my two favorite seasons and I'm miserable during most of both of them because of the allergies. Lovely. I hope David doesn't get them bad but he does do his fair share of sneezing.

We went to the zoo recently with our friends Randle and Katrina and their youngest daughter, Harley. Here is a picture of Harley and David hamming it up. They have become good friends since they moved back to Alabama. David loves going to their house (they have chickens and several dogs and lots of land to run around, and garbage cans to roll down hills in....not much can be more fun than just being out in the country with lots to do).
David loves to look at maps (apparently, so does Harley). He always wants to see the map on the navagation system on the truck - he may be a map designer when he grows up. Who knows. Here he is studying the map to find the bathrooms. Harley showed him where they were.
Our cute is he?

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