Thursday, December 4, 2008

Scout is here

This is Scout. He is our magical elf. He showed up at our home on December 1st and will stick around with us through Christmas Eve. Scout will keep an eye on David during December and then report back to Santa on Christmas Eve about how David has been. If David's been good then he may get a present or two from Santa on Christmas morning. I've heard that several of David's friends have their very own elves this year too.

So when I was a kid this exact same elf came to my home every December. I remember it being so exciting when he was one of my favorite parts of Christmas. The elf stopped coming to my home when I stopped believing in Santa....I guess that's how it grow up and the magical elf stays at the North Pole.

Scout hides every day so when David gets home from school he has to find Scout. It's definitely the highlight of our evenings. I'm excited that my elf is's so fun to see the excitement in David's eyes each night he finds Scout. This is definitely a new tradition that we'll continue for years to come.

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Rachel said...

That's an absolutely ADORABLE Christmas tradition - the best I've heard so far this year!
Too cute!