Friday, August 22, 2008

My friend Angie

Happy Anniversary to my sweet friend Angie and her husband Donny. They got married only 2 weeks after us, back in the day – 10 whole years ago. Always thought we’d be in each others weddings and then stupidity got in the way in high school so neither of us were. Man, how I’d go back in time and change things if I could. Now Angie and I talk almost daily and are back to being great friends. I guess growing up will make you realize that you can’t throw a friendship away over dumb stuff. We’ve been friends since I was 13 and I realize I’m dating myself here….but that’s 16 whole years (minus the year or so we didn’t talk). I’ve known her half my life – can only say that about one other friend. Most of my middle and high school memories involve Angie, her brother Daniel and their parents. Her parents were definitely my second set of parents. I still love them like that (and will get to see them next weekend when we're in Florida - yeah!). I took many Vero Beach vacations with her family. Not sure how all 5 of us crammed into that hotel room, but we managed and it was awesome.

I miss all the fun times we had growing up - like sitting and eating her mama’s incredible yeast rolls while talking about the drama that our lives involved (how simple everything was back then), laying out in her backyard, talking about boys, roller blading all over creation, being soldiers and angels in the Christmas performance together, being at church for any youth event where the doors were open, sharing clothes (wish I could still wear her clothes!), watching any kind of musical on video with our favorite being Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, sleeping in her closet, doing the thigh master until we couldn’t walk, making picture collages, thinking we were both fat (and neither one of us were), Brett Munson, listening to Daniel play the oboe or piano while eating the aforementioned yeast rolls, then challenging each other not to eat because something had too many calories, being attached at the hip anywhere we went, Vero Beach, talking about God together, crying together, laughing together, sharing secrets together….oh - to be 16 again.

I love her dearly and wished she didn’t live so dang far away.

(I know this isn't a picture of her and Donny, which would be fitting since I posted this to say Happy Anniversary, but I don't have any pictures of them two. She and Donny have two amazingly precious kids.)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Bethany!! We did have a wonderful childhood together!! When I think back one of the things love to remember is singing on the stage of are church {Christmas show} and seeing you smiling at me with your short curly hair and your red glasses. I think that was the moment we became friends.I hope are kids are lucky enough to find best friends like we did!!! Miss you too!!! love Angie