Friday, July 25, 2008

Guitar Hero - I came in fourth place...

This week we had our big United Way campaign at work and a couple of guys put together a Guitar Hero tournament to raise money. Each contestant had to pay their way into the competition. I decided to enter, knowing I wouldn't win, but would have some fun....and I did (have fun, that is)......especially when you have 30+ people watching over your shoulder make a fool of yourself. There were 26 people who entered and I won the first three rounds and made it to the final four. Of course I had been playing on the easiest level....and once I was in the final four we had to play on a harder level....and I played against the kid who ended up winning. I never had a chance. It was fun, but I'll definitely keep my day job. If any of you out there have Guitar Hero - let me know, I need to practice before next the competition next year so that I can kick some tail. :)

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