Friday, June 13, 2008

Off to Mexico

I’m leaving tomorrow morning (at the lovely hour of 5 a.m.) to head to Sinaloa, Mexico. As Christians, we are commanded to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Under the leadership of our pastor and staff our church has taken a more active approach in doing just that….making disciples. Last year we sent over 1,500 people overseas on short term missions.

This trip is a little different from others I’ve been on – we will be ministering to pastors and their wives as well as leading backyard bible clubs each day. I don’t believe the area we are going to is as poor as other places I’ve been. At first I kind of questioned why we were going somewhere nicer and not to the small villages where the people eat from the city dump each day. This is the kind of thing I experienced last summer in Honduras and Venezuela and while I do want to go back to those countries – I’ve also realized that everyone needs Christ. Not just poor people in remote villages, but people everywhere. Every person on this earth is God’s child. This trip will be exciting as we will be ministering to these men and women who are already believers. They will be taught by some really incredible teachers in our group and learn how to more effectively share Christ with the locals. Due to things going on in my life I’ve missed most of the planning meetings, so I’m kinda going into this blind and not really sure what we’ll be doing each day. A few of us have been learning some songs in Spanish, so we’ll be able to lead the groups in worship each day.

While I am very excited about this trip, I am also very apprehensive about it today. David has been sick with a fever since this past weekend. Brad and I have traded days staying home with him and I hate to leave my little boy at home sick. I know Brad will take excellent care of him, I just worry about him not having his mama when he wants me and I worry about Brad getting sick and having to take on that responsibility all by himself. But Brad is an amazing dad and I know he’ll do great.

Tomorrow our flight leaves at 7:00 a.m. and we have 4 (four) – FOUR legs of the flight. Alabama to Dallas, Dallas to Tucson, Tucson to some place in Mexico, someplace in Mexico to where we’ll be staying. Crazy. We’ll be traveling for about 15-16 hours! I'm hoping to discover today that they'll let me taking plastic knitting needles on the plane....if so, I'll start working on a new project.

My dear friend, Heather and I will be traveling together. I am so happy she’s going with me (we first met in Honduras last summer and we’ve become good friends ever since). I love her so much and am thankful we can share this time together.

I’ll update with plenty of pictures when I get back.

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