Monday, April 7, 2008

Camping and Mud

This weekend we went camping with David for the first time since the fall. This was his first real camping experience (w/o electricity or a potty). It went really well and he did great. He even fell asleep in the tent on his own on Saturday night, while Brad and I enjoyed the fire. Brad all but gave up on the fire earlier in the evening (everything was so wet), but after about an hour we finally got it raging. We cut up quite a few dead trees and limbs for the fire. Even left a couple logs for the next campers. We roasted some marshmallows that would rock your face off.

We took the go-karts and had a great time. Of course 10 minutes into the first run on Saturday I got so stuck in mud that some guys on a couple 4-wheelers helped pull me out. Then about 2 minutes later got stuck again (it was kinda the same mud whole anyhow).....we ended up turning around since we didn't want to be an hour into the ride and not be able to get back. The bad storms on Friday didn't help the wetness on the ground one bit. David continuously called me a "bad driver" the entire weekend. Such words of love coming from the mouth of a 3 year old! I wonder who prompted that one.....

Sunday we made it a good ways in before having to turn around because the hill to climb was huge and just too muddy. I took a couple stabs at it going full speed, but my wheels just kept spinning. We know next time we go back that the go-karts will be able to handle the hill climb. There wasn't anything we couldn't do that we saw so far (less the mud).

On our rides we all got very muddy. Not sure I've ever been so dirty before. We had to basically wait for the mud to dry on us before we could get it off. YUCK! We can't wait to go's definitely a fun family trip and I look forward to more of them like this. Although, maybe a little bit less rock and roll playing at the campsite next door to us at 11:30 at night! I'll post some pictures shortly of the fun.

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